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State-of-the-Art Laser Surgery

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If your pet needs to have surgery, we understand that you want the healing time to be as quick and painless as possible. At Mid North Animal Hospital, all of our surgeries are performed with the surgical laser.

The benefits of laser surgery are numerous:

  • Reduced bleeding—The laser beam seals blood vessels as it cuts.
  • Reduced swelling—Because the laser also seals tissues as it cuts, there is minimal swelling post-surgically versus traditional methods.
  • Reduced pain—The laser beam seals the nerve endings as it cuts, drastically reducing the pain your pet will feel during and after surgery.
  • Reduced infection—The high temperature of the laser eliminates microorganisms, making infection highly unlikely.
  • Reduced recovery time—Most important, all of the benefits above mean that your pet will feel better faster than after traditional surgeries.

Types of laser surgery we perform include:

Before you consider letting your pet undergo traditional surgery, contact us. We can explain the benefits of laser for your pet’s particular procedure.