Boarding Solutions When Only the Best Will Do

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Pets that have medication requirements, mobility issues, or other health concerns can become stressed in the hustle and bustle of a busy boarding facility, and often need the watchful eye of a veterinarian. The next time you are making plans for travel, and are not sure about what to do with your special needs cat or dog, make arrangements for him or her to stay with us.

Safe, Comfortable Accommodations

Even if your pet is not used to being away from home, he or she will be comfortable with us at Mid North Animal Hospital. Each pet is given a safe, comfortable enclosure—and most important, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the team of experts you trust most will be handling your pet’s medications and care in your absence.

When only the very best care will do for your pet, give us a call.


Dog Boarding - We offer dog day boarding or boarding at a nightly rate for current clients. We have dog runs available for any sized dog and we also have large cages for small dogs if desired. We offer 3 walks a day with feeding based on your pet's schedule. We provide your pet with our in-house sensitive stomach diet which is included in the cost of your pet's nightly boarding rate. We encourage you to bring your pets favorite belongings such as toys, bedding and food so your pet can feel as at home and comfortable as possible. If required, we offer medication administration based on your pet's medication schedule and you have the comfort of knowing your pet is receiving medication from a trained technician or assistant. We charge a nominal daily fee for this. We require all boarders to be up-to-date on vaccines (Rabies, Leptosporsis, Canine distemper, and Bordetella) and a stool sample check unless your pet has a medical issue that prevents them from this. If you are a new client looking to board with us and your pet is up-to-date on all services, we require proof of vaccines and a physical exam to be performed by one of our Doctors prior to boarding. We also offer a medical illness policy that we ask you to complete at drop off, so our Doctors know how to treat your pet should anything arise. Since we are a hospital first, we do not offer structured play time with other boarders.

Cat Boarding - We offer cat day-boarding or boarding at a nightly rate for current clients. We have 2 designated cat rooms which are separate from the rest of the hospital. We do this to reduce stress for your cat while they are here. Our cat rooms are equipped with Feliway diffusers which are feline pheromones providing a calming effect for your cat, and the room doors can be closed to minimize excess noise and stimuli. We have small, medium and large cat cages available. We offer feeding based on your pet's feeding schedule and offer a sensitive stomach diet while they are staying with us. We encourage you to bring personal items such as tshirts or bedding with you to put in your cat's cage. This can help your cat to feel less stressed while they are with us. If required, we offer medication administration based on your pet's schedule. All medication is administered by a trained technician or assistant. We require your pet to be up-to-date on vaccines (Rabies and Feline Distemper) as well as a stool sample check. If you are a new client looking to board with us and your pet is up-to-date on all boarding requirements, we also require a physical exam performed by one of our Doctors prior to boarding.

Baths - We offer both dog and cat baths. Our standard bath uses a soothing shampoo with cream rinse. We also offer medicated baths when indicated. If you would like to set up a bath for your pet, we typically schedule it as a drop off. We request that you drop your pet off with us before 10am and pick up after 5pm to allow for drying time. We regret that we cannot do baths on Saturdays due to limited time. We also offer standard baths at a reduced rate when done while boarding. These baths are typically done on the last day of boarding (except Saturdays) and we request that you pick up your pet after 5 to allow drying time.

Nail Trims - We offer both dog and cat nail trims to all current clients. All pets must be up to date on rabies prior to setting up an appointment. Nail trims can be scheduled as standalone technician appointments, or they can be done in conjunction with a Doctor's visit.

"Everyone is very friendly when we arrive with our dogs. We have had a few emergencies with our dogs and I always feel very confident that my dogs' health is the highest priority. The follow up from the office when my dog was in the emergency room overnight was extremely appreciated. I felt that the practice cared just as much for my pets as I did. This type of attentiveness is exactly why I would never go to another practice."

"Everything is great. The staff (both drs & reception) are amazing which is why we keep coming back. Miriam is extremely knowledgable and helpful for whatever we need. Our pups love going to the vet!"

"Everyone is always so great towards me and Bella. I'm so happy I have such a great vet office, keep up the good work :)"

"The staff is always so friendly and you can tell that they love their jobs. Every pet is greeted with enthusiasm and compassion."

""Value" is a tough thing - veterinary care is expensive. The line-item receipt really helps me understand all of the components of a visit and a checkup. There's never getting around the 'gulp factor' when it's time to pay...but I feel that my pets are getting excellent, and not excessive, care."

"Your "front of the house" people are great. Miriam and the rest are efficient and courteous, and clearly know and love our dogs. Can't buy that."

"Dr. Schnoor has treated our dogs since weaning, 9 years ago. She is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. She helped save my female dog's life a few years ago, for which I will always be grateful. Dr. Ross has been a great addition. He is also conscientious and well informed. Human hospitals could learn a lesson."

"Dr. Ross is very thorough and professional. He takes time with clients to review pet status and healthcare planning. The support staff is great with the animals."

"I really appreciated the follow up email I received from the doctor asking if I had any additional questions"

"Something I really appreciated about this office is that the woman who made my reservation for Dylan actually remembered him (and loved him) from his stay while with Feline Friends. It's nice to know that the staff are not just veterinary professionals, but also animal lovers."