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Thank you for choosing Mid North Animal Hospital from the many options you have in veterinary care in Lincoln Park. We are dedicated to being your pet’s partner in a lifetime of good health. Our caring and knowledgeable staff is on hand when you need us, ready to provide compassionate care and world-class service.

To make an appointment, call us at (773) 929-0777. Before you come in for your first appointment, please download and complete our New Client Form.

Our office hours are:

For emergencies during office hours, please call so we can be prepared, and then bring your pet to us right away. After hours, on Sundays, or holidays, please contact Premier Veterinary Group at (773) 516-5800 or see our emergency care page for more options in your area.


What to expect

When looking for a veterinary practice, you should expect high quality care and excellent customer service. Our veterinarians and staff are devoted to making your experience with your pet be as joyful as possible. We will be here for you in the good times to keep your pet healthy, and the bad times to do our best to restore your pet’s health.

We make the commitment to put your pet’s best medical needs and recommendations at the forefront of our care. We promise to provide a safe, clean, caring environment for your pet, and a lifetime of customer service to you.

Our practice is AAHA accredited, meaning we meet the highest standards in veterinary medical, patient and client care. We thank you for the opportunity and confidence to care for your pet!

New Client Form

Appointment Scheduling

We make it our goal to do our best to see you and your pet at a time that is convenient for you. In order to give your pet the best medical attention and provide you with the best customer service possible, we have categorized different types of appointments and schedule them with the following intentions:

Routine Wellness Visits - These are always timed appointments with the doctor and are typically scheduled in advance. Wellness appointments include new puppy health check-ups, vaccination boosters and general physical exams for US & international travel.

Illness Visits – Any pet with an urgent medical problem or illness related issue, can be seen same day. This is a timed appointment, however we leave slots open in our schedule for situations like these. This type of visit comes at a slightly higher cost than a wellness visit as they typically occupy more doctor time, and often we are working you in between existing appointments.

Emergency visits – These are our highest priority visits. An emergency visit can be anything from difficulty breathing, severe physical trauma, blockage, etc. In these situations your pet is seen immediately and no appointment is needed. Upon arrival, your pet is taken in back where our doctors and staff stop everything to treat your pet. Our number one focus is to assess the physical status of your pet and ensure your pet is stable above all else. This type of visit comes at a slightly higher cost than a standard illness visit due to the urgent nature of it.

Drop Offs – At times we have specific testing or services that require your pet to be with us for an extended length of time. In these situations, we ask that you drop your pet off with us for the day. This can include abdominal ultrasounds, specific blood work, or other services that are recommended to be scheduled as a drop off by the Doctors. If your pet requires urgent care and we are unable to provide you with an available appointment time, we also offer this option to you so we can treat your pet as quickly as possible.

Surgeries – We have specific surgery days blocked off during the week for procedures such as dentals, spays, neuters, exploratory surgeries, etc. We have a limit on how many surgeries we will schedule in a day, so we can provide the best care possible for your pet. Surgeries are typically scheduled in advance, as they require fasting overnight. Our drop-off times are between 7-8:30am and we normally schedule pick-up appointments in the late afternoon. All surgical procedures require signed treatment plans that will be reviewed with you at drop off.

Medical History

Bring in any medical history you have of your pet when you come for your visit. Please, let us know everything that you think will be important, including any changes in eating, behavior or physical appearance. We want to provide you and your pet with the best care possible.


Mid North Animal Hospital has always been what we consider to be a cat friendly practice. However, our perceptions, medical, and behavioral knowledge have changed dramatically over the last fifteen to twenty years. We are now one of the first clinics in the Chicago area to take the next step and seek to achieve certification from the American Association of Feline Practitioners within the next year as a Cat Friendly Practice. Our staff, and clients, will all be made aware of our little purring friends’ special needs. Our goal to is to be sure that you know that your cat, no matter its personality, is welcome here and within good hands.

Meet our cat advocates. Dr. Ross, Sean, Shauna

How do we prepare for your visit?

From the time you enter our hospital, to the moment you leave; we strive to make each and every visit with us, a happy one.

The waiting room. Our goal is always to get you and your cat into a room as quickly as possible. Minimizing the time spent in the waiting room (and exposure to noise, other animals and stimuli), helps reduce the amount of stress placed on your cat. We are currently in the process of working on a separate “cat waiting room” in the event we are unable to provide you with a room upon arrival.

The room and exam. Once in a room, we ask that you allow your cat time to acclimate to his/her surroundings. We use a synthetic pheromone diffuser (Feliway) in our waiting and exam rooms, to help provide a calming effect for your cat.

We ask you to allow your cat time to come out of the carrier on his/her own. It is very important not to “drag” your cat out of its carrier or “dump” him/her out, as this significantly increases stress. If your cat is still in the carrier after the Doctor has taken your cat’s history, often times they will perform the physical exam with your cat still in the bottom of the carrier to make it as stress-free as possible.

We adhere to the proper AAFP handling guidelines for your cat needed for examination and administering of vaccines and/or medications.

"Everyone is very friendly when we arrive with our dogs. We have had a few emergencies with our dogs and I always feel very confident that my dogs' health is the highest priority. The follow up from the office when my dog was in the emergency room overnight was extremely appreciated. I felt that the practice cared just as much for my pets as I did. This type of attentiveness is exactly why I would never go to another practice."

"Everything is great. The staff (both drs & reception) are amazing which is why we keep coming back. Miriam is extremely knowledgable and helpful for whatever we need. Our pups love going to the vet!"

"Everyone is always so great towards me and Bella. I'm so happy I have such a great vet office, keep up the good work :)"

"The staff is always so friendly and you can tell that they love their jobs. Every pet is greeted with enthusiasm and compassion."

""Value" is a tough thing - veterinary care is expensive. The line-item receipt really helps me understand all of the components of a visit and a checkup. There's never getting around the 'gulp factor' when it's time to pay...but I feel that my pets are getting excellent, and not excessive, care."

"Your "front of the house" people are great. Miriam and the rest are efficient and courteous, and clearly know and love our dogs. Can't buy that."

"Dr. Schnoor has treated our dogs since weaning, 9 years ago. She is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. She helped save my female dog's life a few years ago, for which I will always be grateful. Dr. Ross has been a great addition. He is also conscientious and well informed. Human hospitals could learn a lesson."

"Dr. Ross is very thorough and professional. He takes time with clients to review pet status and healthcare planning. The support staff is great with the animals."

"I really appreciated the follow up email I received from the doctor asking if I had any additional questions"

"Something I really appreciated about this office is that the woman who made my reservation for Dylan actually remembered him (and loved him) from his stay while with Feline Friends. It's nice to know that the staff are not just veterinary professionals, but also animal lovers."